Marina Foy
Myrtle Beach, SC

Marina Foy

Travel Advisor

I have a passion for travel, the kind of travel where you experience the richness of different cultures, people, food, and wine. Oh, and did I mention the kind of travel where you are well-taken care of.

I sometimes meet people that say it doesn’t matter where they stay. Well, it matters to me. Travel to me is more than ticking boxes off your list. It is about slowing down and enjoying the moment. Sipping a glass of wine with a loved one. Coming back to your hotel and being served a complimentary mint tea, or heading to the spa after a day of exploring and meeting amazing people. This is all part of the travel experience.

This is why I prefer planning customized travel. You can savor the experience. Icons are great to see but there is more to travel than the icons. Take time to talk to local people, in a cafe, coffee bar, or wine bar. Their stories let us know we are more alike than we know and that we can also be different and that is a good thing. Our differences are what make us special and the world around us so interesting.

I was born and raised in New York City. I have an insatiable thirst for the unknown. I am Ms. Curiosity. When I was a child I always wanted to go home with whoever visited my family. I wanted to see how they lived and where they lived. The wanderlust has always been there. I believe this is what makes me a great traveler and travel advisor.

Travel gives you the freedom to be open and vulnerable to new circumstances.

I was downsized from the corporate world and had to re-invent myself. I was also taking care of an elderly parent and needed to be close to home. My personal travel experience coupled with corporate travel made me a perfect candidate for a career in travel where I could work from home, and so my career began in travel. I understood upscale travel, and how the service levels are very different having stayed at many luxury properties throughout my career. I loved my sales job in the medical industry because it gave me the opportunity to help sick children. Children are so open, honest and full of curiosity. They see the world as full of possibilities. I want my clients to see travel as full of possibilities.

I now want to help busy and retired professionals re-capture their inner child. We are constantly connected to electronic devices. We need to pause and take time out. We have forgotten how to be present in the lives of our families and friends. Take time to be well taken care of and spend precious moments with family and friends. Create memories for a lifetime. I did just that. I will never forget the amazing trip to Alaska to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday. My mom has since passed but I will cherish those memories forever. Travel is a great way to create lasting memories. Time is the one thing we can’t get back. Use it wisely.


Australia, Canada, Ireland, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, South Africa, Spain, United States-Alaska, United States-Hawaii


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